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8 Ways to Fight Stress from the Stock Market

We all know that stress is bad. As an investor, it is very important to stay balanced while trading because Monday – Friday you are in the game whether you like it or not. So how do you fight stress?

The key is to stay calm and be disciplined with your investing. Market induced stress can be caused by you being too involved in your daily routine and the second by second moves versus staying focused on the bigger picture.

How do you fight stress from the stock market? Here are 8 ways:

  1. Use stop loss orders
  2. Dont watch your streamer live all day every day. The real time ups and downs of the market can really cause some temporary stress. If you are like me you have your real-time streamer streaming live quotes from your favorite stocks and the market all day. If you know you aren’t in the right frame of mind, it is sometimes better to just close the streamer for a few hours of the day and open it again afterwards.
  3. Refresh your portfolio balance only once a day. Instead of refreshing your portfolio every 5 seconds and seeing fresh losses, wait till after the market is closed and then refresh your portfolio balance. Remember, your stop loss orders will minimize your losses for you so you don’t have to.
  4. Have an investment strategy. Not having an investment strategy is like running around with your head cut off. Don’t be stupid, trade with a plan. Every buy and sell should be part of that plan and as a result will greatly reduce any stress you may have. In fact, a well assembled investment strategy can mean the difference between daily stress and no stress at all.
  5. Eat healthy foods. Eating healthy can help keep your body and mind well balanced.
  6. Get enough sleep each night. If you are getting 5 hours of sleep or less and are wondering why you are more sensitive when your stocks open in the reds, take a look at your alarm clock. Getting that extra hour or two of sleep will make a big difference in how you react and respond to different situations throughout the trading day
  7. Don’t surround yourself with stressed individuals.
  8. Stay calm in intense situations: stop, think, then act. Perhaps the most effective way to fight stress is to take those stressful times head on with a calm mindset. Remember always to stop, think, and then act.

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